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Programming Solutions

You can count on solid database integration, easy site update and management, and dynamic solutions that keep your site's visitors satisfied. We program on a variety of platforms and languages. Our speciality is with PHP programming on Linux based systems. No matter what hosting platform you're currently using, we will be able to find a solution that will achieve your goals.

Astarna focuses on content management systems. This basically means that we will build a site that the client or their staff can easily update on their own. No need for code editors, FTP'ing files to the server or calling a programmer to perform changes.

Graphic Design Solutions

Take advantage of Astarna's professional graphic design services. From professional site layouts to traditional print graphic design to logo identity, we can provide the look to reflect your organization's unique personality.

Hosting Solutions

We offer robust hosting solutions, but we only host our development clients. This means that the our servers are not "shared" servers but servers dedicated to our client sites only. This helps maintain a level or security and performance for all of our clients. We also provide nightly off-site backups of files and data allowing for maximum protection of your site.

Marketing Solutions

Creating a site is the first step to your online success, we can provide advice on how to promote your site using modern techniques like social bookmarking and networking sites. Since search engine placement is something that cannot be guaranteed, we'll provide you with the tools to help improve your ranking over the long run. Depending on your target and goals, monetization of your site might be a high priority, let us offer our advice on various avenues to monetize your site!

Please view details about our Internet Marketing services!

Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering high quality responsive customer service. Our clients are our priority we do our best to respond to technical support issues as well as always being available to questions and suggestions.